The dreadnought is a super capital ship related directly to the Battleship.

Heavily armed and armored there are not many warships which can stand up to a dreadnought's assault. Due to their high expense and huge logistics footprint, no power can field many of these at a time, however. They are currently the most massive craft which can traverse the universe at faster than light speeds.

Known Models

Etresi Imperium

The Etresi Imperium likely fields the largest dreadnought fleet within the Enlightened Universe, with the majority of the Imperial and Exarchate fleets centered around squadrons of these heavily armed behemoths. This greater concentration of Dreadnoughts is partially rooted in the original feudal nature of the Imperium itself. The various vassal states being obligated to provide military forces for their liege lords. Usually these forces take the form of lighter frigates and cruisers which are easier to construct and maintain for smaller polities and have the added advantage of serving as local police and patrol forces. This allows the major fleets of the Exarchates and the Imperium to focus more resources on the highly destructive Dreadnought Squadrons. Which are used ostensibly to smash through heavily fortified star systems, and defeat the opposing enemy fleet in one decisive battle.

Most Common Dreadnought Classes of 4500

Council Lord
Emperors Grace