Dusk IV

Dusk IV is the forth planet from the red dwarf star, Dusk, located in the Purgatory Cluster. Unlike the other planets in the Dusk system, Dusk IV appears to have, at some point, played host to an intelligent race. However, all that remains of this unknown species is the ruins of a once seemingly populous world, along with whatever precious treasures and technology they left behind. The exact fate of this unknown species has never been determined, and is the subject of many stories and tales within the Purgatory Cluster. As a result, many denizens of the cluster believe the planet to be 'haunted' or 'cursed'.

Many have speculated that Dusk IV may be only one of many planets colonised by the unknown species. What little evidence there is suggests that the species was very technologically advanced. Many have therefore speculated that there may be other worlds like Dusk IV scattered throughout the huge swathes of unexplored space in Purgatory, if not the greater galaxy itself.

Fact List


System name: Dusk
Region: Purgatory Cluster
Allegiance: N/A

Planetary characteristics

Orbital Position: 4th
Rotation Period:
Year length:
Surface Area:
Average Climate: Overcast, light winds
Primary Terrain: City


Dusk IV was discovered only recently, some time in 5468, by a rather adventurous team of freelance scouts attempting to map out new FTL routes to sell for profit. On their return, they brought back the story of a barren, ghost town of a world, filled with towering ruins and coated in centuries old dust and ash. This initially prompted a gold rush of sorts into the Dusk system as adventurous treasure hunters went in search of valuable alien artefacts.

This initial interest in the world quickly faded, however, as tales returned of entire teams being picked off one by one while scouring the world. This led to unusual rumours that world was in some way haunted. Whether people believed this to actually be the case or not, the tales brought back by the few survivors of the expeditions on Dusk IV was enough to deter even the most adventurous freelancer from further exploration.

Ultimately, the surface of Dusk IV has faded back into silence once more, with the majority of Purgatory locals viewing it with a superstitious awe.


The surface of Dusk IV is covered almost entirely by a vast seemingly endless maze of towering alien buildings. At some point, it was obviously inhabited by an advanced race, but it remains unclear whether they were capable of interstellar travel. Underneath these surface structures is said to lie several underground vaults, though no one has ever actually been able to explore them. The exact nature of these subterranean complexes is unknown, as is their size. Supposedly, the handful of teams brave enough to enter them never returned.

Perhaps one of the most unusual, but never the less most commonly reported, features of Dusk IV is the constant sensation of being watched. This feeling was mentioned by every single survivor of the expeditions and supposedly by many of less fortunate members of these groups. Most survivors suggest a link between this feeling and the sudden and inexplicable disappearances of their comrades during the expeditions. Given the unreliable nature of these reports, and the reputations of the groups involved in the expeditions, it may never be clear what exactly happens on the surface of Dusk IV.