Dynar is easily the most affluent, well developed colony in the Purgatory Cluster. The world is an ever growing series of metropolises surrounded by beautiful untouched countryside and small oceans. Dynar is perhaps the safest and most secure location in the entire Purgatory Cluster, and is the only state in the region capable of maintaining trade routes with worlds outside of Purgatory. Never the less, many of Purgatory's criminal elements maintain a presence on Dynar, making the planet's crime rate higher than most similarly sized worlds in civilised space.

Dynar has also become home to several corporations devoted to the manufacture of weapons and weapon modifications that are illegal in most Spheres. Dynar's government has few ethical restrictions on research and development, nor does it have any restrictions on weapon modifications. In fact, many of the illegal firearms that make their way into the rest of the galaxy are produced on Dynar. Beyond illegal firearms, Dynar's skyscrapers also house companies devoted to the manufacture of many other goods outlawed elsewhere in the galaxy; from pharmaceuticals, to psionic amplifiers.

Data Panel


System name: Venti
Region: Purgatory Cluster
Allegiance: Independent

Planetary characteristics

Orbital Position: 3rd
Distance from primary: 0.663 AU
Orbital Period: 211.57 Earth days
Rotation Period: 40.23 hours
Classification: EuGaian
Radius: 6164.0 Km
Mass: 5.4 x 1024Kg
Gravity: 0.96G
Surface Area:
Atmosphere: N2, O2, Ar
Average Climate: Temperate
Primary Terrain: Cityscape, farmland, ocean


Population: ~650,000,000
Major Cities:
Major Imports: Electronics, weapons
Major Exports: Raw materials, minerals, miscellaneous
Primary Government: Planetary Governer


Founded in 3742 by Landaar Mining Inc as a mining colony, Dynar was the first planetary colony to be founded in the region. It originally attracted the most interest from colonisation groups because of it's high amounts of natural resources. Sadly, as it became apparent that few other planets in the region had similar value, colonisation efforts trailed off and withdrew from the cluster. Citizens of Dynar took this opportunity to follow the example of other Purgatory colonies and declared themselves independent, overthrowing existing government. This left Dynar in the enviable position of being as resource rich, independent world founded near a major wormhole, opening lucrative trading opportunities. In order to secure its advantage, Dynar's new government invested the new trade income they were receiving into planetary defences, allowing Dynar to remain a bastion of trade and commerce, without fear of being raided by Purgatory's criminal elements. Recently they have hired the Vachik Exile Mercenary command The Enlightened to help defend Dynar.