Earth, also known as Terra, is the homeworld of the Human species, and heart of the Terran Sphere. It is the most densely populated world within human-colonised space.

For many Humans, Earth holds a religious or spiritual significance. It is not uncommon for Humans within and outside of the Terran Sphere to make a pilgrimage to Earth at some point in their lives. Often these people journey to the African continent, supposedly to stand within the so called 'Cradle of Civilisation'. This process accounts for much of Earth's tourism and is greatly encouraged by the both the planet's governments and the Solar Union.

Data Panel


System name: Sol
Region: Terran Sphere, Core.
Alleigiance: Solar Union

Planetary characteristics

Orbital Position: 3
Rotation Period: 1.0 days
Orbital Period: 1.0 years
Classification: Ferrinian CiGaian
Radius: 6,371 km
Mass: 5.9736 × 1024
Gravity: 1.0G
Surface Area: 510 million km2
Atmosphere: 1 atm

  • 78.08% nitrogen (N2)
  • 20.95% oxygen (O2)
  • 0.93% argon (Ar)
  • 0.038% carbon dioxide (CO2)

Average Climate: Tropical-Temperate
Primary Terrain: Ocean, city.
Sattelites: Luna


Population: 16 billion human and human descendants, very few non-humans.
Major Cities: Tokyo, Europe Central, Atlantis, Greater New York, Mexico, Delhi, Los Angeles, Beijing, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, British Urban Region (BUR), and many others.
Major Imports: Raw materials from the rest of the solar system.
Major Exports: Technology, colonists, manufactered goods
Primary Government: Officially several continent-states with smaller city-states spread between them, in practice Earth is governed directly by the Solar Union.


See History of Earth.