Edtasthat Etresi The Great

-Reign Information-

Title(s): Emperor Edasthat Etresi the Great, Restorer of Civilization, Director of the Privakani Sector, Lord of the Etresi Dominions, General Secretary of the Commonwealth Assembly, Guardian of the Imperial Sphere and Founder of the Imperium
Predecessor: None, First Vachik Emperor
Reign: 2800-2816
Contenders/Pretenders: Numerous Warlords, House Ruvari, The General Assembly of the Vachik Commonwealth
Successor: Tepazin I Etresi

-Personal Information-

Full Name: Edasthat Vaska Etresi
House: House Etresi (founder)
Date of Birth: 2734
Homeworld: Privakani
Father: Director Kuti I Etresi
Mother: Tasala Vaska
Consort(s): Shojan Amadresh
Issue(s): Corram Etresi, Tepazin I Etresi, Tasala Etresi, Kuti II Etresi
Date of Death 2816 (Aged 82)
Religion: Atheist


Early Life

Edasthat Etresi's early life before he began the Unification Wars is surprisingly poorly documented. Little is known other than his father Kuti I Etresi was the director of the Privakani Military District of the old Vachik Commonwealth, who took power in a Military coup several decades earlier overthrowing the President of the Privakani republic. His mother Tasala Vaska was the daughter of a Privakani Industrialists, who owned numerous factories and mining colonies within the Military District. At a young age Edasthat followed in his fathers footsteps and joined the military as an aide to his father. After several years as an aide he was enrolled in the highly prestigious () military academy and graduated at the top of his class. However before he could be commissioned officer his father died of a sudden heart attack. Quickly moving to seize power Edasthat purged many officers and leaders of the District to maintain his grip on power.

Early Reign

Late Reign


Edasthat Etresi founded the Etresi Imperium and re-unified the Vachik into a single mostly cohesive political entity. His military accomplishments in conquering hundreds of worlds in one generation cement him as one of the most brilliant generals in galactic history. However more impressive is his skills as a diplomat binding together an entire civilization shattered by over a century of strife and chaos. Even more surprising is the fact this empire not only survived his death ,but remained intact for nearly two milennia until its dissolution in 4800.

Timeline of Events