Edward Langley

Edward Langley is the current chairman of the Taurus Corporation Board of Executives and head of state for the Taurus Corporation. In the Taurus Sector and the galaxy in general, Langley is an influential and well known political figure. He is seen as the 'public face' of the Taurus corporation, and his ruthless ambition, political savvy, and backhanded nature is known across the galaxy. Despite what many may say about Langley, he has presided over some of the Corporation's most prosperous years.


Name: Edward James Langley
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 84
Apparent age: Early forties
Date of birth: 5416CE (Taurisian Calender)
Date of death:
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye colour: Blue
Height: 6'0 (183 cm)
Weight: 155lb (70kg)
Homeworld: Diligentia Prime
Affilation: Taurus Corporation

Role as Chairman

The role of Chairman of the Taurus Corporation, while prestigious and politically influential, actually holds very little power over the corporation itself. The CEO of the Taurus Corporation has the true power over the running and overall management of the Taurus Corporation and its assets. However, it is fairly obvious that the current corporation CEO (Jacob Carlyle), and many other high ranking executives are simply puppets installed by Langley to allow him greater control over the company.