Elysian Glaives

Fact List

Name: Elysian Glaives
Type of group: Mercenary Company
Date of founding: 4378
Date of dissolution: N/A
Membership count at peak: 85,000


The Elysian Glaives are a Mercenary outfit based in the Purgatory Cluster. Like many of the Purgatory Cluster’s resident mercenary groups, its members can be found in the employ of organisations and individuals across the galaxy. The group maintains a headquarters within the Purgatory Cluster in order to avoid the heavy taxation of the major Spheres, but also to more easily acquire the illegal weapons and weapon modifications sold within Purgatory.

The Glaives are an extremely professional mercenary group in comparison to most others, and they would likely be recognised as such were it not for their affiliation with the Purgatory Cluster. The company adheres to a strict military doctrine, and will even outright refuse to accept contracts from certain groups and people on a similar basis. While many would argue that the Elysian Glaives’ use of illegal weapons and weapon mods makes them no better than any other criminal organisation, the Glaives maintain that they will not preclude a significant tactical advantage for solely legal reasons.

Interestingly, the group seems to have a propensity to accept contracts from those in the midst of civil wars. The Glaives have been at the forefront of several coups, as well crushing several revolutionary groups. It seems likely that the Glaives then use these ‘old friends’ as channels through which they can acquire military hardware and new recruits. Given that these worlds are often frontier worlds, it's also likely that the Glaives use them as temporary staging areas from operations deeper within a sphere.