The Enlightenment is a common name for the event caused by the shutdown of a theorised supressor at the galactic core, it can refer both to the local changing of the laws of physics or the 'wave' where it is currently happening. It travels at roughly 50 times the speed of light.

The Enlightenment means different things to different species. Some view it as a fascinating scientific phenomenon, some as an event of religious significance, and others view it as a disturbing conspiracy. Suffice to say, nobody in the known galaxy has any real understanding of what caused the Enlightenment, how it works, or if its effects are even permanent.

Many nations have proposed expeditions into the galactic core throughout the millenia following the Enlightenment to investigate its supposed origins. No such official expedition has ever taken place due to the enormous costs and many potential hazards of navigating the galactic core. There have been a number of private expeditions into the core, but there exists no documentation on the success or failure of these investigations, and most are simply written off as hoaxes.

Leading Schools of Thought on the Enlightenment

There are many schools of thought on what exactly caused the phenomenon now known as the Enlightenment. Although there are many suggestions as to what caused it, one of the most popular proposes that some sort of ancient physics supressing device at the centre of the galaxy was disabled, allowing its influence to gradually fade away. In this scenario it is often suggested that a race of ancient 'precursors' are responsible for the creation and/or the disabling of this supressor.

Others suggest that some form of all powerful deity is responsible for the Enlightenment. However, while this school of thought is popular when considered in a general sense, believers in this ideology are divided across a wide range of religions and cults. For this reason, while some orders believe the Enlightenment to be a blessing, others believe it to be a sign of the apocolypse.