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System name: Sol
Region: Terran Sphere, Core
Allegiance: Solar Union

Planetary characteristics

Orbital Position: 5-f
Distance from primary: 670900 km
Orbital Period: 3.5 days
Rotation Period: 3.5 days (Tidallly locked)
Classification: Europan LiArean
Radius: 1569 km (0.245 Earths)
Mass: 4.80×1022 kg (0.008 Earths)
Gravity: 0.134 g
Surface Area:3.09×107 km2 (0.061 Earths)
Atmosphere: Trace
Average Climate: n/a
Primary Terrain: Frozen wasteland
Sattelites: None


Population: Roughly one billion Europans, two million humans
Major Cities: New McMurdo, Atlantica Arctica, Pearl, Hawaii
Major Imports: Wealth, technology, raw materials, manufactured goods
Major Exports: Water, volatiles, colonists, europan-adept biosphere components
Primary Government: Solar Union


1610 CE: Official discovery
1973 CE: First flyby by human probe
2197 CE: First automated ice mining operations begin to support the Jovian he3 extraction operations
2200 CE: First probe penetrates the surface ice layer, discovers ocean devoid of life
2212 CE: First permanently inhabited base on Europan surface