The Eviscerator is an advanced anti-infantry assault weapon often weilded by high ranking members of the Shrike Collective. Unlike most Shrike firearms it's munitions are not simple, chemically propelled slugs. Instead, the weapon uses an advanced coilgun design to fire small splinters of metal at incredible speeds, often shredding unarmoured or lightly armoured targets in seconds. As this kind of technology is far beyond the capabilities of the Shrike, it its widely believed to be, at least partially, of Knesp design.

The Eviscerator is typically wielded by Shrike high up in the hierarchy, either by the Collective's most powerful warriors or even by the Shrike Lords themselves. Although it's worth noting that, as powerfull as the Eviscerator is, its lack of any real close combat potential often makes it an unappealing prospect to many Shrike.

Unlike most Shrike weapons, the Eviscerator is highly prized among collectors and mercenaries for its impressive destructive power, and again unlike most Shrike firearms, the weapon is quite wieldable by most species thanks to its extremely low recoil.