Evolution is the name for the process by which living organisms adapt and change to better suit their environment. This process occurs on a molecular level and is always active, and, given that all known life in the galaxy seems to possess some form of self-replicating genetic material, evolution occurs and has been observed in almost every documented species. Although the process of evolution is now quite well understood, it remains of interest to biologists in several fields thanks to the unpredictable, and often valuable, variations and adaptations that natural evolution can produce.

To many, the study of evolution and its mechanisms is seen as the beginning of the path that has brought several species to their current level of genetic technologies.

Evolution in modern society

The subject of an intelligent race's progenitor species is a subject of variable importance amongst the many species of the modern galaxy. Some species honour their genetic ancestors on a spiritual or religious level, seeing them as beacons of purity; such species are easily offended by implications that these ancestors were little more than primitives. On the other end of the spectrum, many species have little regard from what they evolved from beyond a purely scientific curiosity.

It's also worth noting that a species' origins can occasionally be used as a form of insult. For example, Humans often resent the connection being made to them and apes, and many alien species will use this insult to imply humans are a primitive species. Likewise, Humans often refer to insectoid species like the Knesp as 'bugs'.