Exarch War

Exarch Kasairas I Etresi - Leader of the Revolt of the Exarchs, he nearly ended the war when he captured the Imperial Capital at New Vachik, and executed a doppelganger of Emperor Sazin. His forces were crippled in the attack, and he was critically wounded storming the Imperial Palace with his bodyguards and retainers. When Dachin Amati failed to defeat the relief fleet of IMS loyalists the Etresi forces were forced to abandon New Vachik, and many of their recent significant territorial gains. With the entry of the Ruvari into the war on the side of the Imperial Loyalists, Kasairas was forced to split his forces which launched another series of defeats. Seeing victory or even a fair peace as impossible he gathered thousands of ships and most of the Exarchates armed forces and fled the Imperial Sphere, handing ruler ship over to his brother Tesirias who refused to leave. The last Exarch alive Kasairas was killed when he was betrayed by Shrike Warlords, while attempting to ally with them against the Knesp in the Tempest Sphere.

Exarch Tesirias II Etresi - brother to Kasairas Etresi, when the latter fled with the majority of the Etresi Military. Tesirias attempted to continue the war, but heavily outnumbered and outclassed he was steadily battered into submission and surrendered the Etresi Exarchate to Sazin Vonsachin. Tesirias was executed along with his sons for conspiracy against the reigning emperor, and their deaths marked the end of Etresi power within the Imperium.

Exarch Dachin VII Amati - After the death of Exarch Tesirias, Dachin VII Amati surrendered House Amati to lord Vonsachin, with most of his holdings intact. Unlike Tesirias his life was spared, but the Amati Exarchate was disbanded, and his holdings were reduced to only a handful, of worlds. He was eventually assassinated by a group of disenfranchised nobles who lost their holdings in Dachin peace treaty.

Exarch Raevec I Sivan - The right hand of Kasairas and the most accomplished military commander in the Imperium. Despite being outnumbered and outgunned throughout the conflict he held off an almost equally talented commander in Exarch Arcus Krauth. Only losing after the collapse of House Amati & Etresi. He fought on until he was captured, refusing to surrender in the face of annihilation. Dragged to the provisional Imperial Capital he was executed by order of Emperor Sazin, but not until an extremely public humiliation at the hand of the emperor. Instead Raevec spit in the face of his captors and tried to escape with a group of friends and retainers. He was captured again and publicly executed along with his failed rescuers by burning to the assembled surviving council lords.

Exarch Muzziza IV Ruvari - Initially remained neutral during the opening moves of the revolt of the Exarchs. After early successes by the rebels he began to provide clandestine support, and began to move his forces towards the border of the Krauth Dominions, in preparation for a potential invasion, hoping to secure more territory. However when Kasairas was defeated by Emperor Sazin at New Vachik, Muzziza withdrew his support for Kasairas, and began moving ships to the Etresi-Ruvari border. After a string of defeats by Kasairas, Muzzia entered the war invading House Etresi’s holdings in a blatant landgrab while pledging fealty to the Emperor Sazin. After the war ended Muzziza Ruvari despite his earlier treason was spared. However the Ruvari Exarch was disbanded, leading to Muzziza taking on the title of the Merchant Prince. The dissolution of the Exarchates angered Muzziza and nearly lead to another war. However unlike most other Great Houses the main strength of House Ruvari was economic, and their near monopoly on interstellar commerce within their former territories lead to little reduction in Ruvari control. Muzziza died of a heart attack nearly twenty years later, and his death marked the decline of House Ruvari’s mercantile Empire, as various factions within the family tore apart the once cohesive union.

Exarch Arcus XI Krauth - The right hand of Emperor Sazin Vonsachin, Arcus was the primary military commander of the loyalist Imperial forces. Facing off against surprisingly stiff resistance from House Sivan and Raevec Sivan in particular, Arcus nonetheless was an important figure in writing the grand strategy of the loyalist forces. Unlike Sazin he wished to spare the defeated Exarchs, especially lord Raevec Sivan who he saw as a worthy adversary. After the war he continued as de-facto head of the IMS, and defeated many smaller uprisings of disenfranchised nobles throughout the Empire. Eventually nearing death of old age, Arcus attempted to follow Sazin’s example and upload his mind into an artificial computer core. However the process was still incredibly risky, and had a high margin of Error. His upload failed, and he died of complications from the procedure. After his death Emperor Sazin disbanded the Krauth Exarchate, which was officially the last remaining Exarchate of the Etresi Imperium. However in exchange for his friend’s Leal service, he left Arcus Krauth children with extensive personal holdings within the former Exarchate.

Exarch Nadeta II Vonsachin - The nephew of Emperor Sazin Vonsachin, Nadeta was the Exarch of the Rimward Marches. The youngest of the Exarchs Nadeta was primarily charged with defeating smaller breakaway states and nobles who sided with Kasairas. Doing his duty competently, he managed to defeat these small rebels one at a time personally commanding his forces throughout the war. However before the war ended his flagship the Council Lord Class Dreadnought Veshki suffered a fatal breach in the antimatter containment fields. The failsafe kicked in and disaster was thought to be averted, yet the failsafe themselves had been damaged several weeks earlier, and the entire ship was obliterated killing Nadeta, and in return plunging the Sivan Exarchate into chaos over the succession as Nadeta never named an heir. Emperor Sazin came in and assumed the authority of the Exarch, and officially dismantled it, but making sure to leave the majority of the regions power in the hands of loyal family members.

Emperor Sazin III Vonsachin - The last Emperor of the Etresi Imperium, after overthrowing the Amati dynasty in a military and political coup he assumed power over the empire, and began pushing through many reforms. Limiting the power of the nobility, repealing bans on supposedly dangerous research, and extending the power of the centralized Imperial Bureaucracy. These reforms were unpopular with many of the nobility, especially the proud Etresi’s most notably their Exarch Kasairas Shortly before the war Emperor Sazin uploaded his consciousness into a computer core and effectively made himself immortal. This lead to a revolt later known as the war of the Exarchs, Sazin nearly lost his throne ,but pulled through and defeated his rival Kasairas, and his allies and left the majority of the Etresi Imperium nobility dead or deposed. Appointing loyal officials and disbanding the Exarchates, Emperor Sazin enacted numerous reforms, that swept away or changed many of the institutions that made up the heart of the Etresi Imperium. He officially dissolved the Empire shortly after the death of the Exarch Arcus Krauth.