Ferinh Do

Ferinh Do is a CiGaian class planet in the Ferinh system. As the Alekian homeworld, it houses more than 25 billion people, its moons Sammet and Duragor being utilized as food-producers for the massive population.
On it is also the massive palace of the Valorin, a powerful Alekian being worshipped as their God. With an area of almost 50,000 square kilometers, this palace has the area of a small country in itself, in fact standing where the Valorin began his rule over the first nation on the planet, eventually conquering the entirety of Ferinh Do.


Ferinh Do is the homeworld of the Alekian species, the heart of the Alekian sphere of influence, and last but most certainly not least the seat of the Valorin's palace.
With around 25 billion inhabitants, it is the most densely populated world in Alekian space.

Data Panel


System name: Ferinh
Region: Alekian Sphere
Allegiance: Alekian Elurdviasha

Planetary characteristics

Orbital Position: Fourth
Rotation Period: 0.92 days
Year length: 1.17 years
Classification: Ferrinian CiGaian
Radius: 6,742 km
Mass: 7.01122 x 1024 kg
Gravity: 10.295 m/s2 (1.05 g)
Surface Area: 571,182,051 km2

  • 76.38% nitrogen (N2)
  • 22.15% oxygen (O2)
  • 1.43% argon
  • 0.039% carbon dioxide

Average Climate: Temperate
Surface Composition: Roughly 57% of the surface is covered in a liquid water ocean. The polar regions are often hostile, while the temperate and equatorial zones are mostly easily habitable. Were it not for large amounts of the land area being covered in sprawling cities, it would be ideal land for any sort of habitation.
Primary Terrain: Ocean, City


Population: 25 billion Alekians
Major Cities:
Major Imports: Raw materials and food from the rest of the system, and parts of the Empire.
Major Exports: Colonists, slaves, technology.
Primary Government: One massive world-state under the yoke of the Valorin, who is generally venerated as God