First Jovian Conflict

Location: Jovian System, Solsys
Result: The signatory states of the Treaty of Titan invade the Jovian system and establish puppet states that ratify the Treaty of Titan establishing a monopoly on HE-3 production in the Solsys


Jovian Commonwealth

  • Jovian Republic (Callisto & Ganymede)
  • Europan Association (Europa)

Treaty of Titan Signatory States

  • Titan Hegemony
  • Uranus Federation
  • Kuiper Development Committee


Treaty of Titan

Ships: 14 Transports, 6 Light Attack Craft, 12 Escorts
Soldiers: 7500 Soldiers (5000 Titan Hegemony, 2000 Uranus Federation, 500 Kuiper Development Committee)

Jovian Commonwealth

Ships: 2 Light Attack Craft, 6 Escorts
Soldiers: 5000 Soldiers (3,200 Jovian Republic), (1800 Europan Association)


Treaty of Titan

Ships Lost: 5
Crew Casualties: 310

KSFV Scylla Ferryman Transport, THSFV Kronus Light Attack Craft, THSFV Scutum Missile Defense Escort, THSFV Hoplon Missile Defense Escort, UFV Umbriel Anti-Ship Missile Escort

Troop Casualties: 2,136 Total (500 aboard the Scylla), (196 Battle of Ganymede), (84 Occupation of Callisto), 1,344 (Siege of Europa), (10 Other)

Jovian Commonwealth

Ships Lost: 8
ODP’s Lost: 21
Crew Casualties: 520

Troop Casualties: 2,340 (1,244 Battle of Ganymede), (342 Occupation of Callisto), 754 (Siege of Europa)

Major Battles/Engagements

Battle over Ganymede
Battle of New Troy
Occupation of Callisto
Siege of Europa


The Titan Hegemony & other Outer Solsys powers move to establish a trade organization in order to increase their bargaining power with the United Earth Government and the Inner Solsys. The UEG responds unfavorably to these actions undertaken by the initial signatory powers, and begins investing in alternative sources of HE-3 fuel, primarily in the Jovian System. Facing pressure from the signatory states to join the organization, and lured by the prospect of UEG money the Jovian Commonwealth refuses to sign the Treaty and expels the Treaties diplomats. Offended and fearful of appearing toothless the ToT signatories assemble an army and fleet at Saturn to force the Jovians into submission. The UEG facing an internal crisis and with the modernizer party in power refuses to send military assets to defend Jovian sovereignty, albeit offering covert assistance to arm themselves. Meanwhile the invasion is launched, and several months later arrives in the Jovian System. The ToT forces quickly destroy the jointly funded Commonwealth Fleet, and invade and capture the Jovian Republic Capital of New Troy. The Republic quickly capitulates, however the Europa's fight on, retreating to their undersea capital and fortifying the tunnels leading downward which set the stage for the bloody siege of Europa. Where the ToT blasted, cut and slogged their way down the tunnels to Pacifica in the face of incredibly determined resistance. Despite this the Europans were defeated and the war ended in a victory for the Treaty of Titan.


  • 14/07/2242: Jovian Commonwealth expels Titan Hegemony ambassadors in response to their increasingly hostile demands that the Commonwealth join the Treaty of Titan trade pact.
  • 21/07/2242: Jovian Commonwealth pleas for the UEG to support them in the face of Titanians aggression
  • 30/07/2242: UEG refuses to actively support the Commonwealth, but covertly grants them access to advanced military blueprints to beef up their tiny defense forces.
  • 09/08/2242: Titan Hegemony, Uranus Confederation, Kuiper Development Committee marshal an invasion force in the Saturnine System
  • 12/10/2242: The ToT invasion fleet is prepared and departs the saturnine system.
  • 17/02/2243: The ToT invasion fleet arrives in the Jovian system and demands the capitulation of the Commonwealth
  • 18/02/2243: The Jovian Commonwealth announces its intentions to fight the invasion forces
  • 20/02/2243: The Jovian Defense Fleet is destroyed in orbit of Ganymede; however they do manage to destroy several ToT ships KSFV Scylla Ferryman Transport, THSFV Kronus Light Attack Craft, THSFV Scutum Missile Defense Escort, THSFV Hoplon Missile Defense Escort
  • 24/02/2243: After destroying several defense installations on Ganymede surface the invasion of the Jovian Republic capital on New Troy begins.
  • 08/03/2243: Little after a week of fighting New Troy is captured and the Jovian Republic officially surrenders.
  • 09/03/2243: Following the news of the Jovian Republics capitulation the Europan Association declares its intentions to fight on from its undersea capital city of Pacifica, intending to make the tunnels leading to it an impenetrable killing field.
  • 13/03/2243: The Jovian Republic signs the Treaty of Titan, joining the trade pact and its government is replaced by opposition parties opposed to the UEG and friendly to the Treaties interests.
  • 14/03/2243: 1,500 soldiers are sent to secure control of Callisto and its small orbital shipyard, while the majority of the invasion fleet moves to Europa
  • 14/03/2243: The ToT Fleet engages Europa's Orbital Defense Network they lose the UFV Umbriel with all hands. The rest of the network is quickly dispatched and the invasion commences.
  • 18/03/2243: The few Europan military forces on the surface are quickly defeated, however after heavy losses and despite orbital support the invasion force cannot breech the heavily protected tunnels leading to the main Europan under ice colonies.
  • 19/03/2243: The UEG officially condemns the Treaty of Titans attack on the Jovian System, and declares the new government illegitimate, the Jovian Ambassador on earth Liễu Thất Diên declares the formation of the Republic Government in Exile, establishing himself as interim president.
  • 21/03/2243: The Siege of Europa begins, as the ToT forces begin a long bloody and slow slog through the tunnels leading to the Europan colonies.
  • 19/08/2243: After several months of siege insurrectionists in Pacifica attempt to seize control of the colony while the majority of the Europan Defense force is busy dealing with a large ToT offensive.
  • 30/08/2243: The insurrections are defeated and the ringleaders captured, however the distraction lead to a wild success by ToT forces who quickly pushed down the tunnels leading to Pacifica.
  • 07/09/2243: Unable to stop the ToT advance the tunnels leading to Pacifica are caved in and sealed in an attempt to buy time for the internal defenders to re-organize.
  • 08/09/2243: Stalled the attacking ToT forces are relieved to be done with fighting for a period of time, however the blocked tunnel will require heavy explosives or advanced mining equipment to drill through. Fearing potential catastrophe, the invasion force is halted while waiting for the fragile drilling equipment to be procured.
  • 12/12/2243: The ToT attackers breech the obstructions, and proceed to advance into the prepared killzone of the EA defenders.
  • 16/12/2243: Despite inflicting heavy casualties the EA defenses crumble as their soldiers run out of ammunition and supplies.
  • 05/01/2244: ToT forces reach Pacifica, threatening to massacre the civilians after a bloody campaign the head of the Europan Association surrenders the city in person.
  • 07/01/2244: The Europan Association officially joins the ToT. A military government is established, and martial law is declared.
  • 10/01/2244: War officially declared over, albiet the Jovian Republic GIE remains at war with the ToT.