Frontier Revolution

Date: 3739-3755
Location: Outer reaches of the
-Independance of several border states.
-ceding of territory to several neighbouring nations.
-Solar Union territory shrinking significantly
-Effective end of Union expansion.
-The Consolidation

Unknown, believed to be on the order of 100 million to 10 billion.

The Frontier revolution was the result of centuries of resentment against the Solar Union among its border colonies. Almost all of the states that had been integrated over the past century had been second or even third generation successor worlds of previously annexed colonies, this meant that the Solar Union was something of a boogeyman in many of these cultures, and these worlds did not take kindly to being annexed (Often forcefully.)

It should be noted that the stated starting date of the frontier revolution (3739) is the date of the first formally recognised independances. The actual revolutions leading up to these started several years before that, and the Union had been coping with revolutions centuries beforehand.