Gaian Emissaries

The majority of the population of the Terran sphere lives on planets or planet-like bodies, most of them terraformed. However, the process of Terraformation is long and expensive, and as such several nomadic groups exist that cover a moving area of space near the colonisation frontier, beginning terraforming projects and selling half-terraformed worlds to the colonists behind them at a profit, often along with a skeleton jump gate network. The most well known of these groups are the Gaian Emissaries, who were among the first polities to dedicate themselves to this practice.



Location: Terran Sphere, frontier Sagittarius sector
Affilation: Independant


Several thousand of systems at any one time, although most of these are empty.

  • An average of 43 simultanious planetary terraforming projects
  • An average of 12 simultanious lunar terraforming projects
  • 216 ftl-capable habitat-ships


Capital: Eufrat Habitat
Type: Theocratic confederation
Chief Governing Body: Emissary Assembly
Head of State: High Emissary Ronald Genis

Civilian Information

Population: 0.3 billion

Species: Nearbaseline Human

Religion: The Following of Planetary Relief

Lifespan: 154 years on average

Languages: Several closely-related dialects of Sagittarian Anglic


Type: Corporatist
Currency: Leaf (♠)
General Imports: None
General Exports: Terraformed worlds


Eufrat habitat was constructed in 3506 near Messier 23, where it played a role in the overseeing of several terraforming projects in the open cluster, by the time all prime targets had been taken over by colonists a small fleet of similar city-ships had formed around Eufrat, and the Planetary Belief as a faith began to rise to prominence with the fleet's population. The decision to set out towards the galactic core to continue the tradition of spreading the life originating from Terra was made in 3738, and the fleet reached the farthest reaches of the jump gate network at the time in 3821. The fleet has been gradually growing ever since as population increases and the occasional failed frontier colony gets absorbed.