Galactic Sentient Species

The "Great Species"


The so-called Great Species of the galaxy are named in accordance to their influence and power within the Enlightened Universe. Dominating vast spheres of influence of thousands of star systems, the members of these major species and their genetic offshoots numbers in the trillions. Together they form the nexus of interstellar civilization which has emerged in the so-called “Enlightened Universe”.

Major Interstellar Species


Major Interstellar Species are often considered the second-tier races behind the Great Species. However, they still are widespread throughout the galaxy, having invented FTL technology without outside interference, and form the majority of the population of at least one nation that is equivalent in size and power to one of the Terran Sphere superpowers.

Minor Interstellar Species


Minor Interstellar Species are localized phenomena and may have small polities spanning only a single system or two. They are not widespread and occur infrequently; the entire species is almost always contained in a single region of space. These 'lesser species' are typically politely ignored by the Great Species or sometimes eradicated as pests.