Galactic Surveillance Agency (GSA)

The Galactic Surveillance Agency (GSA) is an intelligence agency of the Taurus Corporation which is responsible for keeping tabs on the galaxy at large, unlike the Corporate Interests Bureau (CIB) which focuses on home affairs. In this regard, GSA agents are often deployed deep into enemy (or occasionally allied) territory to obtain information, sabotage or steal research projects, or quietly assassinate problematic individuals. While parallels are often drawn between the GSA and Department of External Affairs, the GSA is a much smaller, more streamlined agency capable of cutting through the red tape that hinders the DEA.

Although the GSA is largely autonomous, it does, much like the CIB, answer directly to the Taurus Corporation Board of Executives should they require its assistance. However, unlike the CIB, the Managing Director of the GSA is not a well known political figure. In fact, the indentity of the GSA Director is known only to the Taurus Corporation Chairman, and even then, it is extremely rare for the two to meet in person. In addition, the GSA Director rarely serves a term longer than five years to prevent internal corruption.

GSA agents themselves are usually hand picked from the finest soldiers in the Corporation military and given access to a selection of cybernetic enhancements, something that is generally frowned upon in the Taurus Sector. Not all agents take these cybernetic upgrades, but only those of exceptional skill tend to excell without them. Upgraded or not, GSA agents generally work alone in the field, backed up up only by a small logistical team aboard their personal starship (often a small vessel with a stealth field). While GSA agents will occasionally work together or with an agent from allied intelligence organisations, such partnerships are fleeting and generally viewed as an unwanted, but necessary arrangement.