Genetic Modification

Genetic Modification, also Bioengineering, or Genetic Engineering (often shortened to Gengineering), is the scientific practice of either modifying an existing organism from its natural genetic state to create an Alter, or constructing a brand new organism essentially from scratch. The latter is a much rarer practice as it is both much more expensive than the former, as well as being unnecessary in most cases.

Genetic modification is administered through a number of vectors. In some cases certain pharmaceutical products are used to allow greater genetic malleablity; in others, viruses are used as vectors of genetic change; with careful use, some factions may even use ionising radiation to target specific locations on the genome.

Genetic Modification and Society

Many species have experimented with genetic engineering at some point; with most doing so long before the Enlightenment. In many cases, genetic engineering was used to facilitate pre-enlightenment colonisation of other worlds. This practice is less common now, and instead, the genetic engineering of sentient species is geared more heavily towards pharmaceutical and cosmetic roles in society.

The bioengineering of non-sentient species, however, is far more commonnly used for commercial, industrial, and even military purposes.