Garandou Supea Class

The Garandou Supea ('Void Spear' in Anglic) class is the Brotherhood of Zaltiel's mainline cruiser. Like most Zaltiel designs, the Garandou Supea favours maneuverability and jump accuracy over heavy armour and weaponry. In many respects the Garandou Supea class represents the greatest degree of armament frontline Zaltiel ships are equipped with. Although the Brotherhood does possess heavier classes, the Garandou Supea is typically the heaviest response given to most situations.

Garandou Supeas are not usually seen on patrol outside the inner systems of Brotherhood space. They lack the responsive speed of smaller classes like the Shiruba Ya Class and are generally delegated to inner system patrols and heavy response forces alongside lighter classes. Instead, the Garandou Supea is the vessel that will be found holding the line against the advances of the Tempest Sphere's other major factions.


Name/Designation: Garandou Supea
Class: Cruiser
Manufacturer: tba
First Produced: tba
Retired/Decommissioned: tba
Crew: tba
Weapons: tba
Plating: tba

  • 476 meters long
  • 128 meters tall
  • 184 meters wide