Great Families Of The Etresi Imperium

House Etresi

House Sivan

House Ruvari

House Vosachin

House Krauth

House Amati

House Vimanuti - One of the most infamous families of the Etresi Imperium the Vimanuti's only rose to prominence after the Unification Wars, when Sazin Vimanuti was elected as president of Tarawa a wealthy world, however he quickly established himself as a hereditary military dictator eventually passing along the Throne to Baten Vimanuti. Taking power in the middle of the Etresi Civil War, Baten Vimanuti was one of the nobles who placed Bivadi Etresi on the Throne and later assassinated him. Baten remained a fixture at the Imperial court remaining a power behind the throne for numerous Etresi Emperors. However when Cidan IV moved against him Baten bribed the palace guards into murdering the Imperial Etresi family and seized the throne becoming the oldest Emperor in Vachik history. However Vimanuti power quickly collapsed following Baten's death 10 years later his grandson Faerin was a fool who was himself assassinated for his hedonistic lifestyle. In the following years after Faerins death the remaining members of the Vimanuti family died in a series of accidents or outright assassinations rumored to be the hand of the Privakani Etresi's

House Sarapini

House Merendavi

House Khaddari

House Prakuski - House Prakuski originated from Old Vachik itself, and during the collapse of the Commonwealth Tarsen Prakuski formed a breakaway warlord state. Surrendering to Edasthat Etresi the Prakuski's were granted official positions as planetary magistrates for the Imperium, and were amongst the first families awarded positions on the Council Lords. The Prakuski family reached its peak during the Council Emperors era where Tesiras and Ahren Prakuski became Emperors. However this was a short lived as collectively Tesiras and Ahren ruled for less than a decade combined. The Prakuski family was wiped out during the New Enlightenment Crusades fighting on the side of House Sivan and the secular league.

House Sorrum