Gregor Zolnerowich

Admiral Gregor Zolnerowich was the human admiral responsible for leading the forces that repelled the so called 'Great Enlightement Crusade' from the Terran Sphere. Although Zolnerowich was a devoted member of the Solar Union even after its collapse, he is remembered and honoured as a hero by many nations in the Terran Sphere. There is a statue in his honour which stands outside the Solar Union headquarters on Luna.

Fact list

Name: Gregor Zolnerowich
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Euro-Cornucopian
Date of birth: 5398
Date of death: 5514
Hair Colour: Black
Eye colour: Grey
Height: 1,87 m
Weight: 74 kg
Homeworld: N/A
Affilation: Solar Union


Gregor Zolnerowich was born and raised aboard the vessels of the Solar Unions' navy. His father and mother were both career soldiers, and as Zolnerowich matured it became clear that he would follow in their footsteps. Unlike his parents however, he was destined to become an officer.

Zolnerowich moved quickly up the ranks of the Solar Union Navy, proving himself to be a talented and dedicated officer in time when the Union was under more threats then ever before. After countless successful engagements protecting the Union's turbulent borders, Zolnerowich's devotion was recognised and he was promoted to the rank of Admiral at only 42, making him one of the youngest in the Solar Union's history.

Throughout the Vachik's incursion into the Terran Sphere during the Great Enlightement Crusade Zolnerowich was chosen to lead Union forces in an attempt to protect the Union's borders. Finding only minimal resistance from the Vachik on the borders of his nation, Zolnerowich began to push deeper into the Terran Sphere, taking advantage of the considerable autonomy he had be granted. Recognising the potential danger the Vachik represented, Zolnerowich led SU forces into battles which aided the other nations of the Terran Sphere (even former rivals) under attack from this new enemy.

With several nations rallying to his cause, Zolnerowich led perhaps the biggest united human fleet in the history of the Terran Sphere into the Rome system, engaging the Vachik in the battle which decisively ended their invasion into the Sphere. While this newfound human unity did not last, Zolnerowich is fondly remembered as hero not just of the Solar Union, but to all nations of the Terran Sphere.

A constant opponent of the Vachik acceptance into the Galactic UN he was the target of several Vachik assasination attempts. While on a lecture tour around the Solar Union in 5514 he was assassinated, when a explosive hidden under the speakers podium detonated killing Zolnerowhich and at least a thousand onlookers. Intended to remove a charismatic voice of dissent against the Imperium his assasination simply made him into a martyr, a powerful symbol for the anti-Vachik groups throughout the Terran Sphere to unify behind.