Harum Merendavi

Harum Merendavi is one of the Military Governors ruling the Tempest Protectorate which is ostensibly under the control of the Lord Protector Lani Viska. Harum Merendavi was responsible for leading the Vachik Campaign against the Knesp Empire following the collapse of the Tempest Coalition. Piercing into the heart of the Imperium he knocked the Knesp out of the war following the Battle of the Array allowing the Imperium to divert forces for the steadily slowing campaign against the Anesad and to send expeditions through the newly captured Tempest Wormhole Nexus. He later launched several probing offensives against the Shrike however after taking unexpectedly heavy casualties he simply withdrew his forces returning to Imperial Space. His actions effectively unshackled the Shrike by destroying many of the defensive systems in place around the Quarantine Zone. Upon return to the Protectorate Capital he was ordered to send a relief force through the Tempest-Terran Wormhole to help save Aira Shimmaddan's Terran Expedition which was overstretched and cut off from the Rome WH Nexus after an offensive by Gregor Zolnerowich. Harum's arrival bought time for the Terran Expedition to escape despite the loss of nearly 2/3rds its operational capacity and the life of Aira Shimmaddan.