Inner Belt


The primary source of metals in the Old Vachik System, the Inner belt is roamed by massive refinery ships, capable of catching asteroids tearing them to pieces and processing the individual components. There are only a handful of permanently inhabited massive asteroid colonies, that serve as a drop off and shipping point for bulk freighters carrying the resources of the Inner belt to production facilities throughout Old Vachik.

Data Panel

Orbital Data

Orbital Position: Fourth
Orbital Distance: 391012337
Width: 17481322


Population: Approx. 17,050,000 Vachik
Major Cities: 9104 Lyrae VI
Major Imports: Organics, Volatiles
Major Industries: Asteroid Mining
Primary Government: Etresi Imperium


The Inner belt is speculated to have formed from the planetary debris, from a collision during its formation with its larger neighbor which formed the Outer Belt. Since then the Inner belt has sporadically sent asteroids tumbling into the Inner system cratering both Arda, Vesta and Vachik Primes moons and possibly causing several massive extinction events in the ancient history of Vachik Prime itself. However since the Vachik Space age, the Inner belt has been mined for its relatively easily accessible reserves of metals, with several asteroids even being towed in orbit over Arda, Vesta and Vachik Prime to create impromptu hulks for space stations or reserves of construction material. Over the years the Inner belt has slowly been depleted of its natural resources.