The Interim Ruling Committee (3805-3906)

The Interim Council was formed during the century long Succession Crisis following the death of Emperor Akash II Ruvari, historically one of the most unpopular and ineffectual emperors the Council Lords refused to ratify his declared heir and nephew Muziza Ruvari as Emperor. However the power and relations between the Exarchates had been declining for centuries, and none of the Exarchs were willing to support their rivals. As a result the Council Lords were deadlocked with no clear candidate for succession. War soon broke out as the various factions started fighting each other in an attempt to seize the throne. With various Exarchs looking to either recruit soldiers from the Imperial Demesne or seize territory from the Emperors personal holdings. In response a collection of nobles, officers and bureaucrats seeking to stabilize the Empire declared themselves the Interim Ruling Council using a collection of noble militia and most of the remaining Imperial Military Service.