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Iolons are a species of curious
humanoids with latent psychic abilities.

The Iolons are a humanoid species with a longstanding imperialist history prior to the Enlightenment. While they always possessed psionic talent, the Enlightenment boosted their abilities a considerable amount, leading to a massive ideological and social schism within the species.

Species Origins

Homeworld: Irilith
Class: ??? WIP
Scientific Name: ??? WIP
Evolutionary History: The Iolons trace their roots back to ancient strains of omnivorous scavengers native to the plains and hills of their homeworld, leading them to develop into upright figures with long strides. At some point, they developed latent psychic abilities.
Earliest Evidence of Civilization: ???
Enlightenment Date: 2770 CE ???


Anatomy: Standing anywhere from 150 to 200 centimetres (4' 11" to 6' 6") tall, iolons have smooth, pale skin, a thick mane of hair, arms ending in thick forearms and long fingers, a thick, worm-like tail that splits into a large, toothy maw, and digitigrade legs terminating in stumpy, clawed feet. Their faces are elfin, with blood-red eyes that have cross-shaped pupils, flat noses, thin mouths, large pointed ears, and a pair of slender mismatched horns.

Physiology: Iolons are built for long, striding movement across open areas. Their strange, toothy tails allow them to eat and carry off potential prey while remaining aware of their surroundings.

Iolons possess natural psychic talent, which mostly manifests as an automatic defence mechanism through which an individual and everything that they carry on their person fade out and become transparent to varying degrees (depending on their current level of anxiety and their amount of self-control), earning them the nickname of "wraiths" or "ghosts". With the exception of rare, more talented individuals, most iolons possess only this fading ability and low-power, short-range telepathy. Exceptional individuals may be able to project illusions, manipulate objects through telekinesis, or even generate energy to be released in blasts or shields.

Genetics: ???

Reproduction: ???

Gestation Period: ???

Life Cycle: ???

Diet: ???

Sleep Cycle: ???


Overview: ???

Society & Culture

Gender Roles: ???

Language: ???

Art/Music: ???

Religion: ???

Philosophical Concepts: ???


Psionic Potential: Yes.
Rate of Occurrence: +99%
Relative Power: Mid-to-high.
Role In Society: Psychic abilities play a very large part in the Iolons' post-Enlightenment history.