Fact list

System name: Ithwithp
Traditional names: Home, System Zero
Region: Lilithim Sphere
Allegiance: Unaligned

Stellar class: ??? WIP
Secondary components: ??? WIP
Planetary system:



The Ithwithp system was the birthplace of the Lilithim and the first system that they converted into a Wthp shell. Long before the Enlightenment its civilization stripped it bare and slowly stagnated aboard their habitat platforms. When the Enlightenment hit, the Lilithim panicked and turned many of their Wthpship platforms into colony ships, disbanding much of the dyson sphere.

When the Iulio retaliated against the Lilithim's invasion, Ithwithp was one of their targets. The Wthp shell was targeted by swarm munitions and self-replicating shrapnel, leaving what remained after the Lilithim Expansion gutted. Very few Lilithim remain within the system, and those that do barely eke out a living, surviving on barely-functional habitat platforms or salvage ships.