Jorros Swarm



The Jorros Swarm is a large collective of semi-independant hive-like groups of cybernetic creatures. The swarms only goal seems to be to spread, but for unknown reasons they do this almost exclusively by attacking and infesting existing sentient populations. Their size, numbers, inhumanity and cruel methods make them feared, but their relatively low technology level and seemingly arbitrary refusal to spawn queens without a sentient host for the egg or the use of several important industrial techniques severely limits the threat they pose to a prepared civilisation. Although they appear intelligent they have never responded to attempts at communication.
For a timeline of Jorros-related events, see Jorros Incursions
For information on Jorros Queens, see Queen Complexes

Species Origins

Homeworld: Unknown
Class: N/a
Scientific Name: Jorros brutus
Evolutionary History: Unknown. The highly unpractical modus operandi of the Jorros, coupled with their cybernetic and interstellar nature has led to a consensus that they are at least partially artificial. Wether they are the direct continuation of their creators, an experiment gotten out of hand, or a deliberately unleashed doomsday weapon is widely debated, but it is generally agreed that their exact history is of little consequence.
Earliest Evidence of Civilization: Appeared on the coreward edge of the Tempest Sphere in 5215CE, previous history unknown.
Enlightenment Date: Unknown


Anatomy:The Jorros have no single, consistent bodyplan. However, almost all Jorros forms include both biological and mechanical body parts, extensive natural weaponry, and tools highly specialised for a single function integrated into the body.
Physiology: Generally jorros physiology is similar to that of recent victim species, but with extreme cybernetic integration, Where most cyborgs have artificial organs or organs with artificial parts, Jorros tissue shows both artificial and biological parts even under a microscope.
Genetics: Natively, Jorros swarms appear to use carbon based DNA with levo amino acids, but different genetic structures have been found, usually ones also used by recent targets of the swarm. It is not uncommon for a single Jorros to have several widely varrying body areas, each with their own DNA and sometimes even completely distinct genetic material.
Reproduction: All non-queen Jorros forms are grown/assembled within a queen complex, going through extensive cybernetic augmentation while still inside the womb. These drones will keep the colony alive and gather resources. When possible, members of sentient species will be taken captive and used as hosts for queen larvae. Queens will only grow from sentient hosts, although the reason for this is unknown.
Gestation Period: Varies depending on the form being grown and the size and age of the queen complex growing it. Very rapid gestation periods on the order of weeks or even days are not uncommon, with parallel production being a given. A queen will be capable of reproduction within a year of injection into a host, provided sufficient nutrients and raw materials.
Life Cycle: Most drone forms live only as long as they are useful, and they will be culled and recycled when they cease the be useful. Typically a drone is force-grown and assembled within the queen and will be fully mature upon emerging, remaining unchanged for the rest of its life bar wear, tear and ageing until it is eventually culled or killed in action.
Queens will live their entire life producing more drones for the swarm and coordinating the activity of their colony. It is unknown if queens can die of old age, but the occasional conflict between queens does occur.
Diet: Omnivore
Sleep Cycle: Varies according to form. Queens do not sleep.


Overview: It is unknown what drives the swarm, or how exactly the various queens coordinate. It is known that drones are capable of only very limited independent thought, and will ceaselessly continue with its task until given new orders either from a queen direct or a messenger form.