The Jovian War

Date: 2nd of May 2450 - 25th of December 2475
Location: Sol
-Solar Union victory.
-Dissolution of the Jovian Coalition and the occupation and/or annexation of its territory.
-The isolation of most extrasolar colony worlds.

Solar Union

Jovian Coalition


The Jovian War was the first major interplanetary war in the history of the Terran Sphere, and its outcome had a major impact on the political divides, balance of power and government policies in the centuries afterwards. It is noted its relatively slow pace compared to previous wars, it could take fleets months to get to any meaningful combat area, where previous, ground based warfare had seen global response times measured in hours, if not minutes. In stark contrast, the war is also noted for its enormous civillian casualty counts, as extremistic splinter groups on both sides freely used weapons of mass destruction (See Long Rain). Along with this, many of the basic tactics and strategies of space warfare originate from the Jovian War. All this makes the war one of the most significant events in Terran history.

2428 CE:
FTL is discovered. Sudden exploration and colonization of new star systems creates a paradigm shift in space trade and economics. Trade lanes that have stood for nearly 2 centuries between the inner and outer sol system are threatened by alternative resource deposits. Economic recession in the outer system.
2438 CE: Europa Accord signed, forming the Jovian Coalition. Rumours about war become widespread.
2450 CE: War is declared by the Jovian Coalition. Large scale civil unrest throughout much of the outer and some of the inner system as independant colonies decide which side to join.
2462 CE: Jovian operatives aid Cerean insurgents in overthrowing the local government and joining the war on the Jovian side. Fighting in the belt turns in the JC's favour.
2465 CE: The SU manages to capture several large JC shipbuilding facilities and rallying points in the Trojans
2466 CE: The Kuiper Development Committee begins redirecting ice comets into collision courses with SU military bases, industrial complexes, and population centers as the war begins to turn against them, a move that has been criticised heavily within the coalition, but was seen as irreversible.
2467 CE: Long Rain begins on Mars as icy comets break up partially in its thin atmopshere before impacting their targets. A significant portion of Mars' infrastructure is lost in this period, and it set back terraforming efforts by decades.
2468 CE: SU forces achieve space superiority over Titan, ground occupation begins, heavy guerellia fighting in the Saturn system.
2470 CE: Titan declared pacified.
2475 CE: SU forces achieve space superiority in the Jovian moon system, effectively taking the Jova Colonial block out of the war. Jovian Coalition officially surrenders
2478 CE: The KDC surrenders after Pluto and Charon are captured by an SU task force, however the Chairman and his most loyal supporters escape to continue fighting, from hidden bases deeper into the belt.
2483 CE: The Chairman is captured when his small flotilla was caught refueling from a hidden supply cache, in the following battle the remainder of the KDC fleet was destroyed ending the Kuiper Campaign.
2487 CE: Last independant combatants stop fighting