Jump Deviation

Jump Deviation is the distance between the point of emergence and the plotted destination when executing an ftl jump. It is caused by influence on the jump trajectory by gravity, recent other jumps in the region, and certain other characteristics in the local fabric of spacetime. Jump deviation generally increases with the mass of the jumping object and the length of the jump trajectory, but sufficiently advanced technology can make jumps significantly more accurate.

Star Charts are often made primarily to map the local trajectory distorting objects, and the more accurate and up-to-date a chart is, the easier it is to plot a trajectory that corrects for the deviations, sometimes even using distortions to cut fuel use or travel time. A distortion that allows for a very long and fast jump in this way is often called a Wormhole. Some frontier Jump Gates are little more than supply stations for automated starcharting ships that constantly keep an accurate, up-to-date trajectory to the other end of the gate available.