The Keequayan language family is, as the name suggests, one spoken by the Keequay. It should be noted that it is physically impossible to speak for humans and most other sentient species due to the unique morphology of Keequay vocal chords. Humans can learn to understand it, however. In this regard, typical conversations between, for example, a Keequay and a human involve two different languages being spoken in the same conversation. While the human may speak some form of anglic which is understood by the Keequay, and the Keequay may speak of a form of Keequayan that is understood by the human, neither participant is able to reply in the other's language. From the outside, these conversations can seem understandably confusing.

Although officially a language family, the cascading structure of Keequay civilisation means that most languages in the family are mutally intelligible to some extent.