Khtaikos Neurome

The Khtaikos Neurome is the largest collective group, mind, and government of the Khtaikos species, based on its homeworld of Uiskvla and almost entirely enveloping that planet. It is the primary cultural, economic, and military centre of the Mulaiskvla Sphere, which the Khtaikos dominate. Regardless of its central position, many Khtaikos groups and worlds which are not in direct contact with the neurome exist independently throughout the sphere, with some actively opposing the Neurome's newfound 'benevolent' ambitions to spread its unity to all stars.



1 system under effective assimilation
213 systems under strong influence
434 systems under peripheral influence


Capital: Khtaikos Neurome, all of Uiskvla.
Type: No de jure government; Collectivist organization of interconnected Khtaikos similar to a multi-organismal organism with peripherally associated Khtaikos bound to the Neurome by various degrees of mutual understanding
Chief Governing Body: Khtaikos Neurome (distributed nervous system).
Head of State: Khtaikos Neurome (distributed nervous system).
Notable Government Agencies: None

Civilian Information

Population: 36 billion member Khtaikos, 232 billion affiliated Khtaikos, uncounted non-sophonts.

Species: Khtaikos and most native non-sophonts of Uiskvla, with very few sympathizers on influenced worlds.

Religion: None.

Lifespan: Unknown; possibly very unpredictable due to much genetic engineering and preference for collective welfare over individual welfare.

Languages: Tulkhuis alone is recognized. Influenced worlds may have speakers of Aisklukhmlak, Mlai, or other Khtaikos languages.


Type: Planned by all members of the Neurome.
Currency: None on Uiskvla; influenced worlds have various currencies.
General Imports: Most manufactured goods
General Exports: Theoretical knowledge, nutrients, technology


The Khtaikos had evolved as collectivist social hunters with a unique ability to directly interface with each other neurally. Groups of them formed naturally, becoming more intelligent with each added organism and allowing large groups to usually outlast the small. Ultimately, these groups developed into technological civilizations with incredibly fluid minds of their own. Many groups diverged genetically, whether through nature or deliberate alteration. After much genetic experimentation, most of the Khtaikos species was at last incorporated into a vast planet-wide super-organism, the Khtaikos Neurome. When the Enlightenment arrived, the Neurome developed a new ambition to spread its unity across the stars. Nonetheless, many groups of Khtaikos remain cut off from the Neurome, forming their own groups or wandering alone, either because of genetic incompatibility or because of active opposition to the Neurome's collectivism.