Knesp Armoured Core

Current deployments

High Intensity Operations

Nation Dates Deployment Details
Restricted Zone 5342- Present 40,000 Demi-Suit Operators The Knesp Armoured Core to this date have a large military presence in Restricted Zone, most battalions are currently engaged in boarding actions against Shrike flotillas that stray too far from the Restricted Zone

Low Intensity Operations

Nation Dates Deployment Details

Permanent Postings

Nation Dates Deployment Details

Formation and structure

Name Squadron Troop Cadre Strike-Group Battalion Battlegroup Crusader Battlegroup
Personnel 8 32 128 768 2,304 11,520 34,560
Contains N/A 4 Squadrons 4 Troops 6 Cadres 3 Strike-Groups 5 Battalions 3 Battlegroups
Commander/Leader Squadron Lead Signal Captain Cadre Commander Force Commander Field Commander Lord Commander Viceroy

The Structure of the Confederate army is split broadly into the Regular Army (full-time professional soldiers, officers and units) and Army Reserve (part-time reserve soldiers, officers and units). The Confederate Colonial Militia is not an official section of the Confederate Army, but is for the broader Confederate Military structure.

The Confederate Logistical Command (LOGCOM) and High Command (HIGHCOM) are involved in the operations of the army, but are semi-separate entities.


Infantry Weapons


Rietal Harrower


The Knesp Armoured Core's recruitment is dependant on the amount of Demi-Suits that are produced per annum compared to relative strength of the other branches of the military. The general turnaround for the Armoured Core is as current is 186,000 Operators every year. This number means the Armoured Core is not actually being maintained at the current level, but is steadily increasing their numbers.

Training establishments

  • Officer Academy Arcadia.
  • Officer Academy Harvid.
  • School of Army Engineering Harvid.
  • School of Army Engineering Gladsheim.
  • Military Academy Burton, Brenodi, Jekotia, Cote Da Zur, Galadine and Enidine.
  • Military Reserve Academy Brussel, Jayville and Cordellia.

Ranks, specialisms and insignia