Knesp Empire

The Knesp Empire is a star-nation situated in the Tempest Sphere. The Empire is notable for being the most technologically advanced faction in the entire Sphere. Add to this the fact over the many years they have acquired a large amount of territory and gained a considerable amount of power in the chaotic lands that is Tempest Sphere. Although it is a major power the very nature of the Sphere can hinder action made on a Sphere level.

The Knesp historically are a reasonably peaceful nation and species, acting only in aggression when attacked or if they feel the nature of the Tempest Sphere could be damaged. A physically weak race, the Knesp rely on mechanised suits to enhance themselves in combat and in warfare, as well as making use of drone and unmanned combat vehicles. Before this the Knesp experimented with other more primitive species as soldiers and attempted a technological uplift of the Shrike. This caused a rebellion that ended in the Knesp withdrawing from areas designated as the “Restricted Zone”. The result of this all was that the Shrike menace would be unleashed on the rest of the Tempest Sphere.

However this was not the only blow to hit the Knesp Empire. For several centuries ago Vachik exiles under the leadership of Kasairas Etresi captured several dozen worlds along the borders of the Knesp Empire. Shocked by this occurance the Knesp counterattacked only to be repulsed and find to their horror that Vachik technology was equivalent to their own. Which eliminated the Knesp Empires largest advantage over other factions of the Tempest Sphere. However peace was signed shortly thereafter, causing the formation of the Vachik Enclaves, and lead to the foundation of the closest alliance between any two Tempest Sphere powers.

Zaltiel War of Independence



Star Systems

  • 64 inhabited planets.
  • 41 inhabited moons.
  • 89 stations.


Capital: Koros, Kanarr System
Type: Constitutional Monarchy and Parliamentary representative democracy.
Chief Governing Body: Imperial Parliament
Head of State: King Manarr
Notable Government Agencies:

Civilian Information

Population: 23 Billion

Species: Knesp

Religion: No state religion, people who practice a religion account for less than 1% of population.

Lifespan: 400- 450 Earth years average.

Languages: Koronus, Third Click


The Knesp military are centred around mechanized infantry in the literal sense, utilising soldiers in performance enhancing armour and Demi-Suits. These suits can take different sizes, forms, weaponry mounted and armour. This can range from being like wearing a small compact suit that weighs a ton, up to massive lumbering suits that can wield mini-guns, lasers, missile weaponry and more.

As of 5102 CE, The Knesp Armoured Core] is the only remaining military force of the Knesp people, as the Grand Army collapsed in delaying actions against the Vachik Crusade, and the Navy has been stripped down to a transportation/auxiliary fleet to evacuate the populations of Knesp worlds. Only until [Current date] has the Knesp Navy been re-established, the Army however remains defunct and its roles replaced by the Armoured Core.

Since the collapse of the Tempest Coalition and the loss of their enclaves many Vachik Exiles have made their way into the Knesp Empire along with many of the surviving exile military unit's. Turning to the mercenary trade many of these units were eagerly recruited by the Knesp to bolster their defenses along their border with the Tempest Protectorate. While officially mercenary companies under contract to King Manarr they are effectively a foreign legion fighting in service of the Knesp Empire in exchange for a home.


Type: Protectionist Economy.
Currency: Matrek.
General Imports: Raw Materials, foodstuffs, medicines, fuel and computer systems.
General Exports: Advanced Technology.


The Knesp rely on highly advanced Subspace relay stations to transmit data and to communicate. They also make usage of spaceship couriers for less important need. Recently however in light of the Vachik crusade, Courier ships have become more prominently used, especially after the defeat of the Knesp in the Battle for The Array by Vachik forces which crashed the entire Knesp Uplink network.


The Knesp species have undergone a considerable amount of change from what it was countless centuries ago. The Knesp Empire was establish in 2895, succeeding after the 3 dominant houses, Karhon, Maldrek and Tor, combined after a devastating war that ended in a stalemate between the houses. This left the worlds of the houses devastated from attrition and economic starvation. The three house leaders elected a Karhon Lord, Lord Suros to lead the newly formed Empire. He was a leader who all House leaders could respect and follow his commands. The Empire began a reconstruction and minor expansion effort as Knesp who wished to live a more peaceful life took to the stars and colonized then the edges of Knesp Space.

In 3143 the Knesp Empire started it's most ambitious plans for expansion yet, one that would take 500 years to fully complete, bringing the Empire to the furthest reaches of the current Knesp Empire. During these times the Knesp started to encounter factions such as the Idaspri Commonwealth, Ark Consortium and to a lesser extent, the scattered tribes of the Shrike on their home planet, Maelstrom. This expansion brought the Knesp Empire to large proportions, then dwarfing the other larger nations. Industry boomed, the economy flourished and for a period of time, Knesp Space was a beacon of civilisation in the "Barbaric Tempest Sphere".

During this period of time, the Knesp came to blows with the Ark Consortium] and the vicious Anesad warriors as minor border disputes inflated into the invasion of several major Knesp population centres. Despite their inherent crude nature, the Anesad were cunning in their deployments. The subsequent fighting was known as the "First Great Stall" of the Knesp expansion.

This period of time would not last however, as soon advancements of other species forced the Knesp to pull back. The Larango sector, the furthest reach was secded to the new formed Idaspri Commonwealth, as they started to grow in numbers and territory. Added to this the Knesp were unwilling to commit acts of mass genocide to keep a strong arm on their territory. With this secession, 1.2 million of the 2 million Knesp living in the Sector chose to stay inside their colonies, living peacefully alongside new Idaspri colonists, sharing their homes, food and technology. Additionally, the area of space known as the Restricted Zone was abandoned in fear of the growing Shrike Rebellion which caused a collapse of the area of space, and the abandonment and quarantine of 80,000 Knesp. Furthermore and most recently, the Vachik Enclaves forcing back the Knesp, created the position of the Knesp being almost encircled, although measures, such as military action and forming of an alliance, to the Shrike and Vachik in respect, have been taken to ensure the Empire continues it's existence.

Contemporary Life in the Knesp Empire.

The Knesp Empire is a highly liberal society, willing to accept all sorts of traditions and cultures into their own to further their understanding and tolerance. Because of this Knesp life is full of opportunities. While all Knesp are paranoid to a certain degree, most agree that you should try and experiment with other culture. "learning a culture and it's rooted beliefs are as important as learning a method of more efficient energy dissipation" to quote a famous saying among Knesp scientists and researchers. To the Knesp the Tempest Sphere and the galaxy is a huge complex organism to study and learn from, to further enhance themselves, both physically and spiritually.

At the same time, life can vary in the Knesp Empire, depending on the kind of work you do. Knesp born into science and other intellectual roles make the core of society, as the Knesp are a very intelligent race and view intelligence as a thing to be encouraged and knowledge to be shared. While as a soldier, you have an aura of respect that other Knesp give to thank for your devotion to the Empire. The idea of royal status and nobility plays a part, however only Knesp Royalty are treated differently socially speaking. The Royal Family are a taboo issue, as some lobby for the "Empire" to become a Republic, while loyalists claim the Royal Family plan an important role in Knesp Traditions.