Koros is the homeworld of the Knesp species, and represents a gleaming example in the Knesp Empire. It is also the location of the Knesp Royal Palace, and is a huge tourist site for the Knesp, even going as far as getting inhabitants of other races visit the planet.


System name: Kanarr System
Region: Tempest Sphere
Allegiance: Knesp Empire

Planetary characteristics

Orbital Position: V
Distance from primary: 150,000,000Km (1.010 AU)
Orbital Period: 584.15 Local days (370.66 Earth days)
Rotation Period: 15.23 hours
Classification: Ferrinian CiXeric.
Radius: 7058.2 Km (1.1 Earth radii)
Mass: 8.2x1024 (1.366 Earth masses)
Gravity: 10.93 cm/sec2 (1.11 Earth g)
Surface Area: 1.86552572x108
Atmosphere: 1890 millibars (1.865 Earth atmospheres)

  • 88.4% Nitrogen
  • 10.5% Oxygen
  • 1.1% Argon

Average Climate: Tropical-Temperate.
Primary Terrain: Ocean, city


Population: 4 billion Knesp, ~100,000 other aliens.
Major Cities: Koronus
Major Imports:
Major Exports:
Primary Government: