Kuddhi Etresi

The only son of Nayam Etresi, Kuddhi much like his father had little interest in politics preferring to stay out of the limelight. He spent most of his early life in the Imperial Military service however never saw action. After being voluntarily discharged in the early 2880's he officially retired and became a historian and was mostly forgotten by the rest of the Imperial family. This effectively saved his life and that of his children including his son Cidan (The future Emperor Cidan II Etresi The Explorer) during the Brothers War where most of the Etresi Dynasty was killed in the vicious familial infighting. After the assasination of Bivadi in 2921 Khuddi and his children were left the most direct descendants of Edasthat Etresi. The Council Lords offered the crown to Khuddi in the hopes of installing a puppet Emperor they could control. However Khuddi refused the crown and the Council Lords promptly seized his 16 year old son Cidan Etresi and declared him Emperor despite his fathers protests. After his sons coronation Kuddhi remained on New Vachik for several years before retiring from the public life to continue his work as a historian on the remote planet of Serres, before dying over 20 years later in 2943 at the age of 72.