Larango Sector

The Larango Sector is a region of space centred around the Idaspri Commonwealth's capital. The region was named by the Knesp colonists that arrived from the farther reaches of Knesp inhabited space. Upon arrival, they colonised several planets already suitable for life and began to establish the sector as the furthest flung colony in the Knesp Empire. The Sector had a wealth of resources, that lead to it's heavy colonization effort. However, unbeknownst to the Knesp, there was another faction that inhabited the sector, the Idaspri Commonwealth. What began as first contact turned into a heated argument of ownership of the sector, finally leading to the Knesp agreeing to let the then 2 million Knesp colonists choose were they wished to live, under Knesp jurisdiction or under the control of the Commonwealth.

The Larango Sector lies in the far east of the Tempest Sphere, sandwiched between the Knesp Empire and the Ark Consortium. It is currently in a period of industrialization, as the Idaspri Commonwealth wishes to build upon it's infrastructure, as they wish for an expansion of the Commonwealth in the next hundred years.