The SR 100 Lawpistol is a series of triple action, break open revolvers produced by UniSec in the Sigma system. Despite the mass of these weapons and their limited magazine capacity they have proved very popular among law enforcement and mercenary forces throughout the Terran Sphere.


The SR 100 is produced in four bores: .400 Sigma, .457 K, .525 HMG, and .750 XL. All caseless, percussion primed cartridges. The .400 and .457 variants both have 8 round cylindrical magazines. The .525 caliber is 6 round while the .750 is 5 round.

There are two barrel lengths for the Lawpistol: the standard 20 cm barrel and the 15 cm version for concealment. The 15 cm version lacks the sliding recoil compensator over the barrel.

Aside from barrel length and bore, the SR 100 is available in four distinct models. The first and most common is the Lawpistol A, a titanium framed weapon with silicon carbide furniture and slide. The Lawpistol C is a polymer version, taking advantage of vacuum formed plastics to lighten the weapon at the cost of greater recoil.

The Lawpistol II is a so-called 'next generation' SR 100 made of beta carbon nitride. These revolvers are currently not mass produced due to the high cost of their manufacture. They must be custom ordered from UniSec sales representatives. The Lawpistol II also offers features absent in prior models.

Finally, the Lawpistol X is available as a conversion kit from the A model to II model standards. It replaces the silicon carbide with beta carbon nitride, replaces the hammer with an electric firing system, and integrates an on-board computer into the weapon, enabling the SR 100 to take advantage of smarter ammunition.

All SR 100 revolvers are break open; the barrel and magazine swing outward and to the right.

Although offered in a hammerless configuration - in the Lawpistol II - it has proved relatively unpopular. By default the Lawpistol is sold as a hammer gun. This renders it invulnerable to all devices or weapons which interfere with electrical systems (such as electromagnetic pulses). This greatly increases the reliability of the weapon as a whole.



The Lawpistol A weighs in at 1200 grams, while it's plastic counterpart, the C, weighs only 600 grams. The Lawpistol II weighs 1000 grams, offering a practical, if expensive, middle ground. Weights given are for the full size 20 cm barrel variants. Generally speaking, the 15 cm versions may be as much as 250 grams lighter.

The Lawpistol X is typically 1100 grams, depending on accessories.

The SR 100 is a fully automatic revolver via an electronic action. However, it can be switched to single shot or semi-automatic (mechanical action) if necessary, again furthering it's reliability in all conditions. This type of action is referred to as 'triple action'. Further, it features a dual cylinder lock when the revolver is firing.

The maximum effective range of the Lawpistol varies by barrel, caliber, and model. UniSec offers a baseline figure of 200 meters in the hands of a competent shooter. Larger bore or specialty cartridges will affect this number considerably. Due to the heightened recoil of the Lawpistol C, lower range is expected. The shorter 15 cm barrel reduces this accuracy further.

Special Ammunition

A variety of specialty rounds are available for the SR 100 series revolvers.

Fact File


SR 100 Lawpistol
Type: Revolver
Origin: Sigma Commonality

Manufacturer: Universal Security
Produced: Present

  • Lawpistol A
  • Lawpistol C
  • Lawpistol II
  • Lawpistol X


  • A: 20 cm barrel is 1200 grams; 15 cm barrel is 1000 grams
  • C: 20 cm barrel is 600 grams; 15 cm barrel is 450 grams
  • II: 20 cm barrel is 1000 grams; 15 cm barrel is 750 grams
  • X: 20 cm barrel is 1100 grams; 15 cm barrel is 900 grams


  • .400 Sigma
  • .457 K
  • .525 HMG
  • .750 XL

Action: Triple action revolver
Effective range: 200 meters
Maximum range: 600 meters
Feed system: 8, 6, and 5 round cylindrical magazines (.400/.457, .525, and .750 respectively)