Lilithim Expansion

Following the Enlightenment, the Lilithim civilization was thrown into disarray. Heavily electronic disruption and a sudden, chaotic shift in solar winds nearly resulted in their Wthp shells collapsing into their parent stars. While a handful of platforms did indeed fall inwards and were destroyed, the majority survived, and their populations quickly began to deduce what had led to the catastrophe.

When the Lilithim eventually succeeded in identifying the effects of the Enlightenment, they reacted with terror, horrified by the implications; what if a second Enlightenment hit, causing even further damage? What if the effects of the Enlightenment lingered for only a short amount of time before vanishing, taking the miraculous technologies it allowed with it? There were too many unknowns, and too many dangers. The Lilithim worked on a solution in a frenzy, and finally came to a course of action.

Vast portions of the Wthpships within their shells were retrofitted with hastily-developed FTL drives and detached from the shells, given a new purpose as colony ships. These Wthpships would travel far from the Lilithim's home systems and settle around new stars, from which they could begin the construction of further ships and habitats. So began the Lilithim Expansion, in which the species spread explosively across their region of space, displacing less advanced species and consuming vast amounts of easily-accessible resources, starving out other spacefaring civilizations.

The Lilithim Expansion became entirely self-sustaining with the events of the Shellburning War, in which the Iolons retaliated against Lilithim incursions into their territory by tracking them to their home systems and destroying the Wthpships with swarm munitions and self-replicating shrapnel. Without central leadership, any hope of halting the Expansion in a decisive manner was ended.