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The long-gone homeworld of the Lilithim

Lilthwithp was the homeworld of the Lilithim. Long before the Enlightenment it was broken down into its base materials to supply the construction of the Ithwithp Wthp shell.

Fact List


System name: Ithwithp
Region: Lilithim Sphere
Allegiance: Lilithim

Planetary characteristics

Orbital Position: 2
Rotation Period: ??? WIP
Year length: ??? WIP
Classification: Ferrinian Post-Gaian
Radius: ??? WIP
Mass: ??? WIP
Gravity: 1.7 G
Surface Area: ??? WIP
Atmosphere: 0.6 atmospheres.
Average Climate: Desert.
Primary Terrain: Sand dunes, rocky hills, low mountains.


Lilthwithp was the birthplace of the Lilithim. Little is remembered about its past, as the Lilithim abandoned their homeworld in favour of orbital habitat platforms long ago. Thousands of years before the Enlightenment, Lilthwithp was torn apart to provide materials for the construction of the Ilthwithp Wthp shell, and no trace of it remains.


Lilthwithp was a barren, sun-soaked rock of a world, largely inhospitable to most life. While it may once have been a vibrant and thriving planet, billions of years of exposure to the powerful solar winds of its star had stripped away the majority of its atmosphere and evaporated its oceans until they covered barely 11% of the surface. Its landmass was dominated by sandy deserts dotted with rocky mesas and hills, along with the worn-down nubs of ancient mountain ranges.

Lilthwithp was notable for supporting life despite a staggering ambient radiation level. Life native to the world at some point developed a symbiotic relationship with a fungus-like lifeform which fed on radiation; while this did not render them immune to the harmful effects of their exposure to the sun, it did mean that they were able to thrive within an exceptionally hostile environment.

By the time of its deconstruction, Lilthwithp was known to be covered in massive arcology complexes and vast factories. The exact distribution or composition of these settlements has been lost to the ages.