Fact list

System name: Longshot
Region: 130 kilolightyears above the galactic plane
Allegiance: -tbd-

Stellar class: A0V
Secondary components: None
Planetary system:

  • Longshot I: Ferrinean Hepheastian
  • Longshot II: Carbonean PostGaian
  • Longshot III / Garvel: Silician EuGaian
  • Longshot IV / Gignal: Jovian
    • Longshot IV M3: Europan Arean
    • Longshot IV M7: Ymerian Arean


The Longshot system is located far above the galactic plane and reachable only through the Wormhole connecting it to the hubward edge of the Mandonian Sphere, while the other end of the wormhole is well within inhabited space the Enlightenment only reached Longshot in 4468, and the wormhole remained untraversable until then.

The system is notable for being considerably farther from the galactic core than any other region of known space. It is also an excellent location to observe the state of the pre-enlightenment galaxy due to lightspeed lag, making it popular for scientific missions.


4468: Enlightenment
4471: First scouts traverse the wormhole, emerge roughly 4 lightyears from Longshot.