Luna is Earth's only natural sattelite and holds great importance in Terran history, notably for hosting the capital of the Solar Union. While Earth is traditionally more important in Solar politics, Luna was chosen due to the large areas of neutral ground available in close proximity to Earth, along with good access to space due to low gravity.

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System name: Sol
Region: Terran Sphere, Core
Allegiance: Solar Union

Planetary characteristics

Orbital Position: 3-a
Distance from primary: 384000 km
Orbital Period: 27.3 days
Rotation Period: 27.3 days (Tidally locked)
Classification: Ferrinian Arean
Radius: 1737 km
Mass: 7.3477 × 1022 kg
Gravity: 0.17 g
Surface Area: 38 million km2
Atmosphere: None
Average Climate: -
Primary Terrain: Rocky wastelands, crater
Sattelite of: Terra


Population: 1.5 billion human and human descendants, very few non-humans.
Major Cities: Locktide, Tranquillity City, Orchard, Farside Central, Eternal Light, New Arabia
Major Imports: Luxury goods, Biosphere components, rare raw materials
Major Exports: Starships, colonists, governance, cybernetics
Primary Government: Solar Union


1959 CE: First artificial probes flyby, orbit, and impact the Luna
1966 CE: First successfull soft landing
1969 CE: First succesfull manned mission

2091 CE: First permanent He3 mining operations begin, plans are made for lunar-based shipyards

2150 CE: Lunar aerospace complexes and shipyards operational, a rush of exploration and exploitation missions begins
2187 CE: Lunar population hits two million

2230 CE: Massive population surge as the first Earth-based space elevator is completed

2315 CE: Luna is chosen as the site for the new capital of the Solar Union due to its status as easily accessible neutral territoy, construction begins on the capital city of Locktide