Maelstrom, located in the Tempest Sphere, is the homeworld of the Shrike and the major population centre of the species. The planet has an extremely hazardous biosphere as well as an atmosphere toxic to many species. The planet is surrounded by a thick debris field (a product of the Shrike's unrefined orbital construction facilities), making it both hazardous ground-side and in orbit. Maelstrom is a restricted area and, short of bringing a full military escort, any non-Shrike vessel even coming close to the planet is unlike to survive.

Data Panel


System name: Arashi
Region: Tempest Sphere
Allegiance: Shrike Collective

Planetary characteristics

Orbital Position: 4th
Distance from primary: 227,388,960 kilometres (1.52AU)
Orbital Period: 3 years
Rotation Period: 7.2 days
Radius: 6590 km
Mass: 6.6× 1024 kilograms (1.1 Earth Mass)
Density: 5.52 g/cm3
Gravity: 14.67 cm/sec2 (1.5 Earth gees)
Surface Area: 545.3 million square km
Atmosphere: Chlorine Heavy
Average Climate: 40-50°C
Primary Terrain: Rocky, acid lakes
Sattelites: None


Population: 8 Billion
Major Cities: Viralias, Ferrerul, Sarorcur
Major Imports: N/A
Major Exports: N/A
Primary Government: Tribal