Main Timeline

~1870CE, Galactic core: Enlightenment begins

2158CE, Tyrlit: Enlightenment reaches the Pontik
2195CE, Vachik: Enlightenment reaches the Vachik

2204CE, Koros: Enlightenment reaches the Knesp

2392CE, Sol: Enlightenment reaches the Terrans

2450CE-2475CE, Sol: The Jovian War

2800CE, Edtasthat Etresi The Great forms the Etresi Imperium

3000CE, Terran Sphere: Solar Union begins expanding, end of the First Diaspora, start of the Second Diaspora

3580CE-3600CE, Sigma: War of Sigman Independence

3700CE-3849CE, Etresi Imperium: The Empire fragments during the Secession Crisis, following the death of Emperor Akash II Ruvari
3739CE-3755CE, Core: Frontier Revolution
3755CE-4000CE, Core: The Consolidation

4000CE, Terran Sphere: Age of Stability begins

4499CE, Etresi Imperium: Corram IV Amati Dies, Sazin II Vonsachin is elected Emperor by a narrow margin by the Council Lords, In response Kasairas Etresi is proclaimed Emperor by the opposing Exarchs, who are attained and stripped of their titles by Sazin's Loyalists thus beginning the Revolt of the Exarchs.

4580CE-4800CE, Core: The De-unification

4770CE, Tysian Sphere: Tysian Splintering
4789CE, Tysian Sphere: Formation of the Alliance of Free Clients

4800CE Imperial Sphere: The Etresi Imperium is dissolved on its 2000th Anniversary by Sazin II Vonsachin

5215CE-5396CE, Tempest Sphere: Jorros Incursions

5460CE-5490CE: Crusade Era
5500CE: Present day