Majesty Class


The Majesty Class represents the strength of the Confederate Space Corps. It underwent trials in 4478 CE with the first ship of its class, Majesty. Trials went well, but the Majesty Class underwent minor adjustments and refits to its communication equipment, gunnery controls and computer systems. The Majesty preceded the old Tano class of Heavy cruisers, which were much heavier while possessing inferior firepower.


The designing of the Majesty Class was a turning point for the Confederacy, as this marked the first wave of Standard Industrial Templates (SIT) that was put into to make manufacturing easier. Thanks to this revolutionized industrial surge, the CSC has managed to field many Majesty Class cruisers, and they form the core of fleet defensive/offensive actions.

There were a few problems to overcome however with the Majesty Class. With an increased firepower, and gun batteries, the power draw from the reactors were immense. Efficiency had to be increased in the primary ICF powerplants and secondary Pinch Fusion reactors. With reduced mass, the Majesty had to suffer less armour protection, so work began to look for an improved armour material. The armour that was decided upon was a Cerametal skin over a primary armour of Confederate Composite Armour. This put the Majesty on par with other heavy cruiser ships in comparable Space Forces. The Majesty class was given a armament that could be considered missile heavy


The construction of Majesty Class Heavy Cruisers takes place over multiple locations, as modules of the vessel is produced in separate locations, all being brought together for it's final destination. Electronics are acquired from various corporations and installed beforehand, software is installed after the primary modules are put together.

The assembly of the modular design takes four to five Terran months.

Majesty Class Cruisers are produced, assembled and commissioned in "Packs" of four ships.

Ninety-Seven such star-ships have been produced to date, with eighty-three in active service, with the lead ship the CSCS Majesty (CA-11-A) having been retired to the reserve fleet, pending serious repairs due to damages received in an attack by separatists above the colony world of Bounty.

Designation: Majesty Class.
Class: Heavy Cruiser
Role: Assault/Flotilla Command
Number Produced: 97 (83 active, 8 reserve, 6 decommissioned)
First Produced:

140 officers
600 enlisted
100 flight crew


18x fighters
2x Coordinator Class gunboats
10x dropships (capacity of 20)
4x CR-30 dropships (capacity of 120)

2 8 gigawatt fusion reactors (main)
2 4 gigawatt fusion reactors (reserve)




Length: 790 metres (2,588ft)
Width: 167 metres (547ft)
Height: 176 metres (577ft)