Mandonia is the homeworld of the Mandonian species and is also the heart of the Antillian Imperium, being home to the Imperial Parliament and the ruling Monarch. Mandonia is the central authority, although this word should be used loosely, because outside of national defence, Economic planning and foreign policy/negotiation, the government of Mandonia has little to do with regional and sector governance. Mandonia is one of the most densely populated planets in the Tysian Sphere, and serves as a culturally historical testament of the Mandonian will to continue and it also serves as a major military and economic hub of the Imperium.

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System name: Desuneres
Region: Mandonian Sphere, Core.
Alleigiance: Federation of Antillia

Planetary characteristics

Orbital Position: 3
Rotation Period: 27 hours
Orbital Period: 1.2 years
Classification: Ferrinian CiGaian
Radius: 7,871 km
Mass: 6.5238 × 1024
Gravity: 1.0G
Surface Area: 607 million km2
Atmosphere: 1 atm

  • 78.08% nitrogen (N2)
  • 20.95% oxygen (O2)
  • 0.93% argon (Ar)
  • 0.038% carbon dioxide (CO2)

Average Climate: Tropical-Temperate
Primary Terrain: Ocean, city.
Satelites: Selius


Population: 15.9 billion Mandonians, very few non-Mandonians
Major Cities: Morinth,
Major Imports: Raw materials from the rest of the solar system, fuel.
Major Exports: Technology, weaponry, starships.
Primary Government: Mandonian People's council, Federal people's Council and Premier of the Federation.


See History of Mandonia.