Mandonian (Amicabiliter Sapiens)

Mandonians (Amicabiliter Sapiens) originate from the planet of Mandonia in the Desuneres System of the local star cluster. The species managed to out-compete all other life on their planet many years ago. Thanks to the high reproductive rates of the Species as a whole, Mandonians have swelled their population to a large number despite population decreases due to the conflict with the Pontik

Species Origins

Homeworld: Mandonia
Class: Reptilia
Scientific Name: Amicabiliter Sapiens
Evolutionary History:
Earliest Evidence of Civilization: ~19,000 BCE
Enlightenment Date:


Gestation Period:
Life Cycle:
Diet: Omnivorous
Sleep Cycle: 7-8 hours.

Society & Culture

Sexuality: Male and Female.
Language: Dian Nago is the primary practised language however Trentic and Tyrlitian is also practised due to the Mandonian status as a Client Race.
Religion: Mandonians have a strong religious belief in what can be described as an Enlightenment Cult, as they believe that Enlightenment is something that is a weapon given to the faithful against those who would desecrate the Great One, the Mandonian concept of a God.
Philosophical Concepts: Mandonians believe in the concept of duty: a duty to others as well as yourself. This means Mandonians typically oppose concepts such as Euthanasia and Abortion. The Primary duty all Mandonians have is to preserve life at all costs.


Psionic Potential: Yes
Rate of Occurrence: Rare occurrence.
Relative Power: Variable.
Role In Society: Negligible.