Mandonian Civil War 3961-4120


The Antillius Dynasty, the last of the ruling Mandonian Dynasties, was beginning to collapse. The reigning Emperor was ageing and with only one successor, a son, he kept a tight grip of the entire population of the then Antillian Imperium. Due to poor management of colonial worlds leaving millions starving, rising taxes to fund an ever growing military and the overstretched nature of the hugely diverse Mandonian Empire that was not well suited to such a centrally planned management. To this effect, the Antillian Imperium always had calls for reforms from time to time, ranging from a representative Parliament being established to have legislative powers, to the more radical factions that wanted a complete overhaul of the current social and economic conventions, including the complete removal of the Imperial family who ruled over the nation, ending an almost ancient tradition.

Due to this, many groups that opposed the Autocratic government popped out around the vast Star-Empire. The most prominent of these were the Korrinets, Halzadeer, Tutela and Social Reformist Party (SRP). They were all very active in most sectors of the Empire, as the Monarchy began to lose control, and Regional Barons started to cave in to the wishes of the constituents of the provinces they governed. The Emperor Desar II refused to hand any additional power to the people, citing his hereditary rights as his validity to govern.

The Korrinets (meaning Liberty/Freedom in Dian Nago) and the Halzadeer (meaning 'hope') were Liberal groups who wanted a constitutional monarchy with a representative democracy, like the the SEZ (Special Economic Zone) of Capsuletwith the Emperor and the royal family serving as figureheads.

Tutela (meaning equality) and The SRP were, in contrast, communist oriented political groups that espoused a massive restructuring of the social and economic system of Mandonia. They also advocated the idea of a distribution of wealth.