Mars was the first world terraformed and colonised by humans, and it was a major political power in the late pre-enlightenment sol, although it hosted heavy fighting during the Jovian War. With much of its high tech industrial base heavily damaged the world shifted to producing high-tech virtual goods and highly resource-efficient software for use on the newly opened interstellar frontier.

Today Mars remains the second largest population center in the Solar System, and the 27th largest in the Solar Union. Martian software is still in use throughout much of the Solar Union, and Martian software standards are commonly used in much of the inner Terran Sphere.

Data Panel


System name: Sol
Region: Terran Sphere, Core
Allegiance: Solar Union

Planetary characteristics

Orbital Position: 4
Distance from primary: 1.5 AU
Orbital Period: 1.88 years
Rotation Period: 24h 39m
Classification: Ferrinean CiGaian, previously Ferrinean Arean
Radius: 3400 km (0.532*Earth)
Mass: 6.4185×1023 kg (0.107*Earth)
Gravity: 0.376
Surface Area: 144 million km2 (0.284*Earth)
Atmosphere: 0.7 atm at sea level

  • 73.0% nitrogen (N2)
  • 22.0% oxygen (O2)
  • 4% safe greenhouse gasses (Various)
  • 0.95% argon (Ar)
  • 0.050% carbon dioxide (CO2)

Average Climate: Cold to temperate
Primary Terrain: Crater wasteland, ocean


Population: 4 billion humans
Major Cities: Tharsis Khazad, New Suez, Port Robinson, Mariner City
Major Imports: Fusion fuels, raw materials
Major Exports: Colonists, technology, software
Primary Government: Solar Union


2158: First permanently manned base on Mars, mostly doing prospecting for future colonisation and industrialisation.
2230: The completion of the Terran space elevator sees an enormous rise in immigration, existing infrastructure has trouble coping.
2392: Enlightenment.
2450-2475: Jovian War