Masaryk Aleuin

-Reign Information-


Title(s): Emperor of the Etresi Imperium (claimed), Exarch of the Enclaves, Protector of the Tempest Sphere
Predecessor: Noditei Viska
Coronation: 5464
Co-Rulers/Regency Council
Reign: 5461-5472 (Deposed)
Contenders/Pretenders: Lani Viska
Successor: Emperor of the Etresi Imperium (None) title dissolved upon death, Exarch of the Enclaves (None) dissolved & Protector of the Tempest Sphere Lani Viska

-Personal Information-

Full Name: Masaryk Konteras Aleuin the Younger
House: House Aleuin
Date of Birth 5411
Homeworld: Icheci
Father: Masaryk Aleuin the Elder
Mother: Atai Konteras
Issue(s): None
Date of Death 5473 (Executed on New Vachik)
Religion: Athiest


Early Life

Masaryk Aleuin was born on the minor enclave world of Ichechi. Historically house Aleuin were Despots within the Sivan Hegemony ruling over several small worlds. Losing it all after the failed Revolt of Exarchs many members of House Aleuin became mercenaries in the Tempest Sphere. Eventually Masaryk grandfather managed to earn enough money and form a cadre of loyal allies to form his own mercenary command Aleuins Dragoons, which passed to his father. Masaryk as a result rarely saw his father being left behind on the small family estate of Ichechi with his mother. By all accounts he had a normal childhood and when he was 18 he entered service with the Dragoons. His tour of duty took him around the entire Tempest Sphere, granting him an insight into many of the cultures and how to haggle over contracts and supplies. Eventually sometime around 5437 his father died defending a Zaltiel colony from a Shrike Raid. Inheriting command of the unit he collected payment on the contract and returned to Ichechi which was in the midst of a succession crisis with multiple claimants claiming the title Despot of Ichechi. Instead of selling his services to the factions he proclaimed himself despot and managed to rally many of the planets nobility to his cause. Using the Dragoons as the center of his army he quickly crushed his opponents and consolidated control. While Ichechi was poor world in the Enclaves he was now had a seat in the Council Lords. After consolidating control over Ichechi he departed for the Imperial Court on the former Knesp System of (Blank), where he took his place amongst the Council Lords. Eventually in a palace coup he used his private Dragoons to overthrow Nodetei Viska and proclaimed himself Emperor of the Etresi Imperium.

Early Reign

His early reign was effectively a disaster his coup against Nodetei Viska was not especially popular and while he managed to quell any resistance to his rule in the capital several despots fled to their holdings and proclaimed Nodetei's oldest son Lani Viska Emperor. This fractured Exile society and unbeknownst to them they were being manipulated by the Eternal Imperium which had discovered the Imperial-Tempest Wormhole and had launched several small expeditions into the Tempest Sphere. Masaryk was forced to raise taxes on his loyalist territory in order to raise the required forces to deal with the Viska supporters. The war dragged on for nearly four years and effectively exhausted the resources of both sides. While little damage was done to territory or the militaries it was nonetheless an expensive war to fund, as Masaryk was forced to recall many of the Vachik Mercenaries to back his claim cutting off one of the Enclaves greatest sources of revenue. Masaryk eventually emerged the victor Lani Vaska managed to escape being collected by agents of the Eternal Imperium and found sanctuary within the Imperial Sphere.

After his victory Masaryk was desperate to pay off war debt and as a result dismissed nearly every standing military unit within the Enclaves to mercenary service in order to earn cash and to hopefully find Lani Viska. Masaryk went out of his way to try to cultivate good relations with the other "civilized" powers of the Tempest Sphere in the wake of the civil war. Hoping to strengthen foreign support for his position traveling in person to meet with the King of the Knesp Empire on several occasions. While these initiatives were unpopular for many conservative factions it greatly increased the trade traveling through the Enclaves and a much quicker recovery from the war than originally thought possible.

Late Reign

However this brief recovery was not to last. The Eternal Imperium eager to end the last remnant of Kasairas rebellion they had steadily built up military forces at the edge of the Tempest Sphere for almost a decade. After Lani Viska fled into the arms of the Imperium they extracted a promise from him that if they helped him regain the enclaves he would surrender his claims to the title of Emperor, and hand over the last survivors of the Great Houses of Etresi, Sivan, Amati etc. and would submit to the Empire as a vassal. In 5470 a representative from the Eternal Imperium arrived at Masaryk's court and demanded that he surrender his title to the rightful Emperor Sazin VI Vonsachin the Immortal. Rebuking his demand he executed the envoy and seized his ship and began interrogating the crew believing this all an elaborate farce. However several days later a series of data drones with pre-recorded messages arrive throughout the Enclave, declaring Masaryk an usurper and that he would face the judgement of the Immortal Emperor for his transgressions on his divine authority. The first shots of the war were fired when Imperial Forces rapidly moved to seize the Exiles capital, with very few military forces at his disposal Masaryk was forced to flee the Enclaves abandoning them to the Imperium followed by millions of fellow exiles fleeing from the Imperium that smashed their ancestors almost a milennia earlier.

However the majority of the exile military remained intact having been serving the last several years as mercenaries in service of various Tempest Sphere factions. With the attack on the Enclaves he traveled throughout the Sphere rallying them to his banner and sending envoys to the Knesp, Idaspari, Zaltiel, Anesad even Shrike in an effort to find allies to fight the Imperium and liberate he enclaves. In 5471 he managed to assemble what is possibly the largest military force in the history of the Tempest Sphere over Korros. Launching Operation (Remember cool name) he invaded his homelands despite winning several early victories against the Imperial forces the multi-species task force quickly began to crumble. When the Imperium launched its counterattack Masaryk was unable to keep control of his forces and suffered a series of decisive defeats that shattered the morale of the Coalition leading to all ,but the Exiles abandoning his cause. While he attempted to hold onto his gains he was overwhelmed vastly outnumbered by Imperial Forces. While retreating his flagship was disabled and captured by the Imperium he was dragged through the wormhole to New Vachik where he and other exile leaders were forced to kneel and surrender themselves to the Emperors mercy. Masaryk was officially deposed being stripped of the title of Emperor and his other titles granted to Lani Vaska who swore fealty to Emperor Sazin. For his crimes Masaryk was executed by immolation oddly reminiscent of the death of Raevec Sivan before the Council Lords generations earlier.


Masaryk Aleuin is a controversial figure in galactic history. His refusal to surrender his claim lead to the the launching of the Great Enlightenment Crusade by the Imperial Sphere. Facing overwhelming odds through a mixture of political savvy and personal charisma he managed to assemble possibly the largest force in Tempest Sphere history to re-take the Vachik Enclaves. However his ineffectual military leadership and his inability to coordinate the force he assembled lead to its near destruction during the failed operation {Insert cool name here} to retake the Enclaves and through the Imperials out of the Tempest Sphere. The defeat of his Coalition emboldened the originally limited imperial war plans into a conflict that rapidly spiraled out of control, eventually dragging the entire galaxy into a war over a succession crisis to a long defunct empire. Also after his death the remnants of the Aleuin Dragoons renamed themselves Masaryk's Avengers and continued to fight against the Eternal Imperium.


Timeline of Events

5411 Born
5430 Entered Service with the Aleuin Dragoons
5437 Father died inherited command of the Aleuin Dragoons returns to Ichechi
5438 Fights a brief war for control of Ichechi eventually wins out and becomes the Despot of Ichechi
5442 Travels to the Exile Imperial Court and claims his seat on the Council Lords.
5461 Overthrows Nodetei Viska in a Palace coup and proclaims himself Emperor
5461-5465 Civil War for control of the Enclaves as Lani Viska is proclaimed Emperor as well.
5468 Travels to Korros to meet with the Knesp King Manarr
5470 Envoy Arrives from the Eternal Imperium, Surprise Crusade Launched shortly thereafter, forced to flee the enclaves in the face of death.
5470-5471 Assembles a multi-species coalition to retake the Enclaves.
5471 Operation (COOL NAME HERE BRO) is launched and is decisively crushed.
5472 He is forced to surrender his titles after months of torture and is executed on New Vachik